Will these perform in heavy rain?

Will these perform in heavy rain?

Yes. However, sometimes, inside miters at the end of a roof valley can cause challenges for any gutter guard, causing rainwater to run over in a downpour. If that’s the case, you may want to install a perforated rainwater diverter along the roof’s edge on the inside miter. This will help break up and dissipate the rainwater over a wider area rather than at one point. Our rainwater diverter is made out of aluminum material, perforated with small round holes and attaches to the end of your roof valley just above the stainless steel micro-mesh. However, the diverter collects debris behind it, so at some point, you would need to clean that out. You may be able to reach the brush up there and scrape some of it off. Cleaning behind the diverter is very infrequent. The diverter will significantly reduce the amount of brushing needed on the mesh.

For maintenance, consider using The 360 Degree Utility Cleaning Brush, explicitly crafted for effortlessly cleaning any gutter guard. This innovation allows you to stay safely on the ground, eliminating the need for ladders. Attach the brush to any standard extension pole and sweep debris from the ground. To learn more and make a purchase, please visit www.TheGutterGuardBrush.com.

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