How To Clean Your Gutter Guards Without Climbing A Ladder


How To Clean Your Gutter Guards Without A Ladder

Gutterglove’s 360° Clean utility brush is your gutter guard’s new best friend.


As the flowers start to bloom, and the ice begins to melt, many homeowners are ready to start spring cleaning and tending to those yearly upkeeps, such as your gutters. Gutterglove Gutter Guards offer an optimal solution to gutter cleaning, but no gutter guard system comes maintenance-free! 

That’s why we created The Gutter Guard Brush, your gutter guard’s new best friend. This five-sided bristle brush easily attaches to most extension poles and can reach gutters on one and two-story homes.

Gutter Cleaning With The Brush

The Gutter Guard Brush makes gutter maintenance as simple as attach, extend and clean! The bristles on the bottom of The Gutter Guard Brush easily sweep off leaves, pine needles, and other small debris on any gutter guard. By brushing off residue that might be sticking to your guard, you will optimize water flow for when rain gets heavy.

The brush is not only made to sweep debris off your gutter guards, it can also be used for many purposes around your home. The 360° brush cleans off debris that clings to the front of your gutter, exterior lights on your home, or the soffit under the eaves.

Use the side bristles to wipe off cobwebs, remove leaves and pine needles in reverse curve gutter guards, or anything else in small gaps. For debris that falls down while cleaning, the brush can also be used as a broom. Simply, screw the extension pole on the other side of the brush block. 

Every family needs a Gutter Guard Brush. Learn more about The Gutter Guard Brush and find out where to purchase yours at https://www.thegutterguardbrush.com/

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