How Gutter Guards Can Benefit Your Garden

How Gutter Guards Can Benefit Your Garden

It’s that time of the year. The birds are chirping, the grass is growing and you can’t stop thinking about what vegetables and fruits you are going to plant in your garden this year.

Gardens are an important part of many households’ ecosystems, and families want to ensure they are putting the best, most beneficial ingredients in their garden, and that starts with water. We know that nothing nourishes your garden like rainwater, but what makes it so special?

Watering Your Garden With Rainwater

Rainwater is gentle and full of nitrates, so it’s an excellent option for naturally nourishing your plants; traditional groundwater contains added chemicals, salt, and minerals that can harm plant life. You can also depend on rainwater’s slight acidity to help improve your soil’s overall health. Most tap water is more alkaline to protect metal pipes and plumbing infrastructure, but your indoor and outdoor plants actually prefer a slightly acidic environment.

How Do I Collect Rainwater?

Basic rainwater harvesting requires three easy steps: collecting, redirecting and storing for later use. Rain moves through the gutters and downspout, eventually pooling in a strategically placed plastic barrel.

How Can Gutterglove Help?

Water comes out of the sky clean, but it quickly picks up debris once it lands on your roofs and flows to the gutters. That’s where Gutterglove comes in. Most gutter guards are made from plastic and do little to prevent contamination. But Gutterglove gutter guards are made with stainless steel micro-mesh to help filter out fine debris like roof grit and pine needles, making your gutters rainwater reusable and perfect for watering your garden. Gutterglove guards are Underwriters Lab (UL) Certified for rainwater harvesting for NSF P151 and NSF 372, which means the collected water is approved for use in other places around your house. Click here to learn more about UL certifications.

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