Customer Highlight: David

David – 75  Years Old- Costa Mesa, CA- Retired Police Captain

David comes from a LARGE family with a large extended family to go with it! He prefers to spend his days with family so when David came across EasyOn Gutterguard it was a no brainer for him to remove his old so called “gutter guards” and replace them once and for all with a SOLUTION. From speaking with David he was able to breakdown his “why” behind purchasing and the headaches he faced that lead him to his decision.

Previous Gutter Guards Fail to do as Promised…

“My home is surrounded by Pine and Eucalyptus trees and I live across the street from a park.  My previous wire type covers for the gutters best and highest use was to catch and hold pine needles.  My gutters looked like haystacks surrounding the house.  The fine mesh appeared to be just the right thing to solve the problem.  The price was reasonable and worth trying.”

 Invaluable Installation Guide Helps Every Step of the Way…

“The installation was just a matter of following the well written and illustrated instructions.  The material is easy to work with and the hints were invaluable.  My home has five separate roof lines with gutters. Each section needed bending to make the installation work correctly.  The use of a 1″ X 4″ board to form the Gutterglove instructions made this very easy.  My original plan was to use the tape for installation, but it was easy to screw each piece in place.  I will not need to worry about a section coming loose in the many years the guards will be in place.”

Even a Neighbors Trees can cause Gutter Overflow…

The gutters were always full of pine needles or eucalyptus leaves and the constant very fine droppings from them.  I have removed twelve trees from my yard, but the house is still surrounded by trees.  They are all on my neighbors’ side of the fence.  Because the wire gutter guards I was using trapped the debris and the openings so large the gutters built up dirt quickly and did not drain.  In some area’s weeds were growing from the gutters.  A very unsightly mess.  With the EasyOn Gutterguard by Gutterglove product only water goes into the gutter and the other debris washes over!”

He is now going on 3 weeks of having his EasyOn Gutterguards installed on his gutters and he is not turning back! Now each year as the rain and leaves fall, he knows he has “Guarded What Matters Most” for good, his home! Spending time with family will no longer be interrupted several times a year cleaning out his gutters!

Final Thoughts from David:

“A storm came in a few days after installing Gutterglove.  It was very satisfying to see the material that would usually get caught in the gutters wash past the gutters. Only water came through.”