Avoiding the Damage of Clogged Gutters

Avoiding the Damage of Clogged Gutters

While Fall brings welcomed changes to weather and ushers in the holiday season, it also brings leaves. Lots of leaves. Those leaves begin to accumulate not just around yards, but into gutters as well. While everyone would like to think they’ll remember (or want) to clean their gutters, it’s a pain and something nobody enjoys doing. But clogged gutters aren’t just a nuisance – they can pose serious risks to your home.

Why Do We Need Gutters?

First, it’s important to understand why you have gutters in the first place. They’re designed to carry water off your roof and divert it away from your home. Properly functioning gutters will do this very well. If they get clogged with dirt, leaves, debris, roof grit, or even pests or insect nests, they won’t be able to perform as designed.

Clogged Gutter Dangers

Clogged gutters can rot your home’s fascia boards. If those boards get damaged, they can create an entryway for water to get into your walls or ceiling where it can cause serious problems. Clogs can also get heavy, especially in winter months and as rain saturates the dirt and debris. Heavy gutters can stress your fascia board and soffit. At times, the weight of the gutter can become too much, causing it to pull apart from your home and potentially damaging part of your fascia or soffit.

Heavy rains can also highlight drainage problems. Flooded flower beds or wet crawlspaces and basements pose serious problems. Clogged gutters only make these matters worse since they’re unable to properly carry water away from your house, and instead allow it to pool around your foundation.

Sure, cleaning your gutters is no fun, but it’s important to realize that gutters carry a lot of responsibility and are important for keeping your house protected from the elements.

Never Worry About Gutter Cleaning Again

This year, consider skipping gutter cleaning once and for all – and protect your home long-term – by installing one of our Gutterglove products. Our Stainless Steel Micro-mesh will block out everything, keeping your gutters free of clogs. Plus, our industry-leading materials will stand the test of time, so you’ll know that once they’re on, they’re on for good.

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