Will this cause corrosion on my copper gutters?

Will this cause corrosion on my copper gutters?

Under the front aluminum extrusion is a strip of 3M Very High Bond double-sided adhesive foam tape, which acts as a barrier between the aluminum and the front lip of the gutter, so the metals would have a very difficult time touching each other. When there is water, air, and dissimilar metals, sometimes corrosion can occur. If you are still concerned, you can always apply a coating on the mill finish aluminum. All hardware stores sell paint coating products that you can apply to a mill finish aluminum. We have sold millions and millions of feet since 2010 and never received a complaint of corrosion in this situation, ever.

In most installations, the stainless steel micro-mesh doesn’t contact the copper gutter because it’s installed between the front and rear mill finish extrusions.

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